The latest addition to Triad Bellows forming department is a high powered bellows re-roll machine, standing an impressive 18 feet tall. Engineered and built in-house by Triad employess, the new re-roll adds to our always expanding capabilities.  Precision ground slides and … Continue reading


Isoflex™ Exhaust Flex Hose

T-321 stainless steel exhaust flex hose is an economical solution for a flexible connection between the engine and the exhaust piping. Exhaust flex is most commonly used in noncritical applications, such as stand by generators. Our line of Isoflex™ exhaust flex hose assemblies are designed to outperform standard flex assemblies over time. The most common failures with standard exhaust flex assemblies occur at the heat-affected zone, due to annealing that is created by the welding process. Isoflex™ products counteract this problem by isolating the vibration away from the heat-affected zone. For all critical applications, we recommend the use of our Triad CycleMAX™ multi-ply bellows to insure that your system will function as you intend. Our engineering staff is ready to assist you in choosing the right product for your specific application.

Flexible Metal Braided Hose

Metal hose is often used in less critical applications when a bellows or expansion joint is not required. Unlike an expansion joint, which is engineered to satisfy your exact pressure needs, metal hose relies on a covering of metal braid to carry pressure as established by the manufacturer. Corrugated metal hose can be used as a vibration isolator in piping systems or to join two pipes that are misaligned. Braided metal hose can also be used to facilitate continuous movement on equipment such as presses and rolls. Unlike rubber products, flexible metal hose is not affected by high temperature oil, gas, or steam.